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In the late 1920s Mr. and Mrs. William B. Reily bought a site near Collinston, Louisiana and built a country summer home there.  The Reilys lived in New Orleans where their company that produced Luzianne Coffee was located. They named it Kalorama, a Greek word meaning “beautiful view.”  The Reilys were attracted to the astounding beauty of the site and the tremendous variety of songbirds which remain to this day.  Mr. Reily was buried here at his request in 1942, but was later moved when the property changed ownership.

The William B. Reily Foundation purchased the original 38 acres from private owners in 1992 to be developed into a nature preserve.  It was given to the Kalorama Foundation which has operated it since that time. 

Visitors to Kalorama will learn about the natural history and heritage of the area.  It is located on a geographical formation known as the Bastrop Ridge and is home to several unique plant species for the region.  Centuries-old trees give a timeless, spiritual beauty to the site.  Acres of narcissus and other bulbs planted over the years by private owners carpet the slopes in the early spring.  Wildflower meadows bloom from spring through fall, with dozens of species of butterflies busy among the flowers.


Mr. & Mrs. William B. Reily at Kalorama, ca. 1942  
Photo courtesy of Albert Mason